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Kissing Magic Review

kissing magicMost people can agree that kissing is the most exciting, sensual thing you can do to make a guy fall deeply in love with you. When a kiss is done properly, it can even be more intimate than sex. But unfortunately, some of you are really bad at it and you end up ruining your shot of getting that special guy to fall in love with you.

Realistically, unless you know plenty about romantic psychology, and exactly what you need to do and say right before you kiss him, making the first move is almost always a guaranteed to drive him away or it can send him the wrong signals.

With that being said, we’re going to take a look at the Kissing Magic guide by Michael Fiore. This complete guide to kissing is designed to show you exactly what you need to do to win any guy’s heart.

The author is a relationship specialist who teaches women an extensive series of kissing techniques that are specifically designed to melt a man’s heart.

TIP: This program will provide you with the psychological blueprints you need to use to make that first kiss trigger love and desire in the heart of any man.

A Guide to Kissing Overview

overview of kissingA kiss can be considered a type of bond that will either solidify your new relationship or have him running for the door. Most women don’t realize that kissing simply isn’t just first base, but that it can actually determine if a guy is going to stick around or not.

Inside this kissing guide, you’ll find a series of kissing techniques, each of which is backed up by research. Readers will learn when done correctly, how a kiss can send a deep emotional message while also turning up the heat.

The author will teach you why the first kiss has to make a few important statements in order to get a man to let down his shield and be open and vulnerable with you.

With the first statement, it’s very important that the first kiss gets rid of the armor he uses to hide from the real world and encourage him to show his true self.

With the second statement you make with your kiss, you need to make him feel important, needed, irresistible, and powerful. Plenty of women make the mistake of punishing a man for their masculinity, while also shaming them for their desire.

magic kiss in a boatBut truthfully, a kiss needs to really make his testosterone levels rise, make his muscles tense, his spine straighten, and generally increase his desire for more of you.

With the third statement, the author will show you how to make your kiss take the passion to the next level. Your kiss should leave him wanting more and encourage him to work for the right to be close to you and touch you.

You want your kiss to be powerful, to the point that you’re all he thinks about. These three statements will give you plenty of power over him and help him fall in love with you. This guide will also teach you some new and exciting kissing methods to try out.

The first method is called the monogamy kiss method. This technique will show you how to kiss your man before he leaves in a way that will keep you on his mind until the next time he sees you. The next method is called the secret of kissing empathy. This guide will show you how to pay attention to what a man is really saying with his kiss. You’ll know exactly how he feels about you without the need to have a discussion about your feelings.

kiss to make him love youThe kiss magnet method will show you how to subtly and silently draw your guy’s attention to your lips.

This package will also come with some free bonuses.

The Magnetic Lips Report is by author Cassidy Lyon, who teaches readers natural, simple tricks that will give you the most inviting, soft, and kissable lips a man could want.

The second bonus is called When to Sleep with a Man. This program will finally answer some of the most important questions women have in regards to new sexual partners. Michael Fiore will specifically tell you how slow or fast you should take it based on the type of relationship you want.

The Final Bonus

The last free bonus is called the Relationship Rewind Report. Inside this guide, you’ll find some shocking information. This report is designed to teach you an almost hypnotic, simple technique that you can use with a guy to change how your man feels about you, in order to increase his desire and passion, similar to the type of desire and romance you both enjoyed when you first met.

A Closer Look at Kissing Magic

kissing magic productA kiss can be so much more than just locking lips with your love interest. It can actually be a form of communication and an effective way to get a guy to fall head over heels for you.

With every kiss you give him, you need to make a few statements, which we have already covered. Initially, we were a little intimidated with the information found in this guide. While it’s true that you need to show more passion and intention with each kiss, keeping these three statements in mind as you kiss can leave you feeling a little self-conscious and flustered.

This is especially true if you don’t have much experience in the romance department. But the material covered here is useful and plenty of consumers who purchased this guide can attest that these techniques are certainly effective, but they may be too much for someone who doesn’t do well under pressure.

embrace your man with kissing magicThe guide also covers a wide range of kissing methods you can use. Again, this can be a little stressful if you’re already nervous on a first date and decide to give one of these techniques a try. Typically, women don’t exactly have a friend they can practice on so you’ll basically be on your own here as it all boils down to whether or not you have the guts to give one of these techniques a shot.

So, what’s the worst thing that could happen? Maybe you end up doing it wrong and he’s left thinking you can’t even manage a simple kiss. That’s what tends to run across any woman’s mind who reads this guide. But fortunately, the author really does a decent job of breaking down these techniques, making the reader feel comfortable with experimenting at their own pace.

The how to kiss a man method is designed to magically capture a guy’s interest and keep him wanting more. We’re not disputing whether or not this technique works, just simply pointing out that the way you kiss a guy and how he responds to it is ultimately based on his preference and what he does or doesn’t like. We wish the author would have included information regarding social cues and dating cues that could help to direct a woman on when and how to make a move.

The other kissing methods are perfect if you’re already dating someone and you want to make some changes in your relationship in terms of increasing the passion or recapturing the desire you had when you first started dating. We liked that the author focuses on both those who struggle when dating and women who struggle to keep the passion alive and well in a long term relationship. These techniques seem pretty effective not to mention fun to try out.

We especially liked the fight deflator kiss which is perfect if you want your guy to get over it already.

The spark technique is supposed to help you determine how good a guy will be in bed. We thought this technique fell a little flat, but again, it’s a fun technique to try, just don’t rely on the results to help you to determine if a guy is worth the next step or not.

Who is the Author Michael Fiore?

micheal fiore kissing magicThe author is an internationally known and well-respected relationship expert, not to mention a bestselling author. With an honest, straightforward approach to dating lessons, his guides are easy to follow, helpful and above all, effective.

Kissing Guide Pros and Cons

Pros: As a well-known expert in the relationship and dating field, the author has created this program to teach women how to capture a man’s heart using the power of a good kiss. This program comes with tested and researched kissing techniques that a woman can use on their love interest to help create more passion in a relationship. According to Michael, many women don’t how to kiss a man in order to create a direct connection between his heart and theirs.

PRO TIP: The author states that kissing a guy the wrong way can lead to negative feelings and experiences that can cause a man to pull away because he reads the signals incorrectly.

  • This program does a great job of revealing all the things women need to know to make a man fall in love. The author claims if you use his methods on a first date, your kiss will cause your guy to think of nothing else but you until your second date. This type of desire will continue to build up, resulting in a strong long term relationship.
  • Women who are already in a relationship can also benefit from this program and use the methods covered to awaken the passion in their relationship regardless of how stressed or busy they are.
  • While some women may already have a good kissing game, there are many women who will benefit from the methods used in this program. It’s definitely a great resource for women who are dating, especially if they have not been very successful. Also, it’s a great buy for women in a relationship who feel like the passion is seriously lacking.
  • Women who have been in a serious relationship for a while can use these techniques and tricks to help bring back the desire and passion if their relationship is going through a serious rut.

The author stresses the importance of how a simple kiss in the context of intimacy can express sentiments of romance, affection, sexual attraction, passion, and love, more powerfully. Therefore, kissing skills can greatly impact how a man feels and thinks about their woman.

The material in this program can lock down a second date and prevent you from ever being ghosted by a guy again. It can also cause your love interest to fall for you hard and become eager to come back for more.

Because this is an eBook, it’s available instantly after purchase. The author includes a mix of videos and PDFs that will provide you with a wealth of information and important program details. Along with the main program, readers will also have access to the free bonuses, which can also help them to step up their dating game.

The included methods are based on research and surveying of women and men all over the world. The author does a great job of explaining the mysteries of kissing including why we kiss, why a man will become hooked when they’re kissed the right way, and what men think when they kiss. The author also discusses in depth the truth about romance and men while also debunking myths regarding what a man wants. Readers will enjoy learning new kissing techniques that have been proven to cause a guy to fall in love.

This extensive kissing and dating system is easy to follow so you won’t feel anxious as you try out these new techniques. You can easily access this program on your laptop, E-reader, tablet, or phone.

Cons: If you’re a little shy or self-conscious then following the techniques in this program can be pretty intimidating.

Kissing Magic: Our Final Word

kissing magic productOverall, this guide to kissing by Michael Fiore is a well thought out guide that’s worth checking out if you’re looking to change up the way you kiss and the techniques you use on a first date or add more passion to an existing relationship. Women who purchased this program gave it a rating of five out of five stars.




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