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How to Kiss Guide

kissing guide for herTypically, a kiss is considered a means to an end. It’s what many couples begin with, as a form of foreplay, but once things start heating up, kissing usually falls by the wayside.

Often, during sex, kissing simply isn’t that important for both men and women. And it’s truly a shame considering kissing is probably one of the most sensual experiences you can share with your partner.

There are actually tons of nerve endings found in the lips that work to stimulate desire. So, kissing before, during, and after sex can be both extremely arousing and satisfying.

But not all puckers are created equal. The real trick is know how to kiss a guy in order to intensify each make out session. Fortunately for you, we’ve gone ahead and compiled some of the best kissing tips that you can use to kiss your way to complete bliss.

It’s all in the Pout

woman with pouty lipsMuch like you need to stretch out before you go for a run, the body also needs some warm up time before you hit the sheets. You definitely don’t want to go all out and accelerate his excitement too quickly. So instead, ease him into making out by gradually increasing the kissing intensity. The slower the buildup, the bigger the finale.

Did you know that a kiss can be just as intimate as sex? Some women feel that it can be just as important. However, there’s definitely more nuance to a kiss than just the equation of tongues and lips and there are plenty of ways you can set the pace, even if you’re not very experienced.

If you are looking for a detailed guide to make a man fall in love with you, check out our post!

Do a Breath Check

Freshening your breath may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised to learn that forgetting this oh so important step is pretty common for both men and women. Practice self-awareness and make sure your breath is fresh and your teeth are clean. Breath that reeks of garlic or coffee will totally kill the mood, so it won’t even matter how good of a kisser you might be, especially if you’re just getting to know each other. Carry mints or gum with you always because you never know when the mood or moment will strike.

Add Some Exciting Tension to the Mix

how to kiss a manWhether it’s been a few weeks of dating or it’s the first date, the type of anticipation you build can work to create an exciting tension that can only be broken by a kiss. If you’re not the kissing on a first date type, be sure you show that you are in fact interested. And don’t wait too long to break the tension, otherwise, the guy will lose interest or definitely question whether or not you’re into him.

When you lean in to kiss him, try making a little eye contact. We’re not saying blatantly stare at him. But when you briefly meet his eyes right before you kiss it can really help to intensify the moment.

Kiss the one That Matters

We can honestly say we’re a little guilty of kissing guys we don’t care for, maybe during a moment of weakness during last call or on the dance floor. If you only kiss someone you really want to kiss, that kiss won’t just feel better, but you’ll end up feeling more invested in that person. Kissing random guys just for the sake of kissing can take the meaning out of the deed, especially if you end up kissing someone your crush knows. So make it meaningful.

Pacing Yourself

You have to take it easy. If you come on too strong, it’s not only a turnoff for some, but it can also make you look a little needy, or even desperate. Before you even make your move, feel the situation out. If he’s giving you the green light, try giving him a soft kiss on the cheek and let him make the next move.

Practice Some Tongue Control

kissing guide- include tongueUsing your tongue can be great or it can end up horribly wrong. In fact, using too much tongue is a common rookie mistake and one that can really fizzle out any potential romance. Visualize your tongue and only allow it to protrude about an inch. Any further and you’ll be tickling his tonsils. Practice can make perfect, so if you don’t want to make your date gag, look in a mirror and stick your tongue out an inch until doing so feels natural and you get the right length down perfectly, each and every time. For the most comprehensive guide on making a man fall for you, make sure you check out our Kissing Magic overview!

Setting the Mood

Make it a point to set the mood, especially if it’s your first time kissing him. Whether it’s a tent under the stars or a candlelit evening in, special surroundings can add some major appeal. Because your eyes will be closed (we hope) during a kiss, you’ll feel and hear things that are happening around you more clearly, but most importantly, it will definitely intensify the kiss itself.

Being spontaneous is exciting

Catch him off guard with a knee trembling kiss and he’s yours forever. Of course, making sure the mood and setting are right is important too.

This can also go back to what we were saying about too much tongue, however, it is possible to be a sloppy kisser without using your tongue, so watch it. A sloppy kiss in the throes of passion is okay, but not as you’re saying good night. You want to give him a kiss that will keep you on his mind, not one he tells his friends about every time the subject of the worst kiss comes up.

Don’t just get fixated on his lips. Try kissing his neck, jawline, and earlobes. You’ll drive him crazy while leaving him craving your kiss.

Hot and Steamy Kissing Techniques

kissing techniquesHere are some pretty fun and powerful kissing techniques that you can use on your man if you feel like your make out sessions have gotten a little stale.

First up is the kissing triangle. This is a technique both of you will totally enjoy, and while it isn’t exactly the easiest technique to use, it’s great for turning up the heat. Begin by kissing him on the lips and transition to his cheek. Then go from his cheek to his neck and from his neck back to his lips. You’ll end up kissing him in a few different places. Shoot for making this move nice and smooth and avoid shifting spots abruptly.

Instead, give him small kisses as you go from one area to the next, which will make it feel more natural.

Add a little bite to your technique for the perfect type of kiss that can lead to much more. Nibbling is a type of kissing technique that requires using a little of your teeth while you kiss. There’s a right way and there’s definitely a wrong way to pull off this move.

The right way involves gentle, soft kissing while using a little teeth. Do not be forceful or rough and by all means, never bite hard enough to hurt your partner. The next time you kiss him, slowly transition from using your lips to gently taking his bottom lip between your teeth, slowly.

Begin pulling his lip back, causing it to slowly slide through your teeth. And that’s it. You can do this to the bottom or top lip. Again, keep in mind that the goal isn’t to hurt your partner, but to give him a new and exciting sensation while you kiss.

ways to kiss himWith the last move, we discussed pulling back slowly as you have your guy’s lip between your teeth. This will allow his lips to smoothly and gently slide out from your teeth. One of the best things about that technique is that you can also do the same thing using just your lips and no teeth. Squeeze his bottom lip between yours, pulling back and allowing his lip to slide out.

If you want to make kissing your guy more memorable for him, use your entire body. Wrap your arms around him while running your hands through his hair. Sit on his lap and grip his thighs with your own. You can also place your hands on his neck or face. Try massaging his neck using just your fingertips, or use this opportunity to gently reposition his head to suit your technique.

This last kissing technique we’ll discuss can be a pretty important one. Not all guys enjoy having their earlobes nibbled and kissed, but plenty of them do. Ears are actually one of the most sensitive parts of the body, so kissing him there will definitely turn him on a lot.

Nibbling on his earlobes can really turn the heat up a notch. Just use the same technique we discussed earlier. Except, this time, it’s crucial that you use an absolute minimum amount of pressure to ensure you don’t end up biting too hard. If your guy doesn’t seem very into it, be sure to move on quickly. Ditch the neck nibbling. The skin on a man’s neck isn’t as sensitive as a woman’s because it’s much thicker, so we recommend trying another technique we discussed as you explore your new guy and discover what makes him tick and which moves he can do without.




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