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How Can I Make Him Fall in Love with Me?

Make him Fall in Love with meYou’ve met a guy you’re really into, and everything seems to be going well. But still, you’re not certain if he’s feeling you as much as you’re feeling him. You’re racking your brain, trying to figure out how can I make this guy fall in love with me?

If you’ve ever fallen in love with someone in the early stages of your relationship, then you know how frustrating it can be to have this type of one-sided relationship. But fear not. How to make a guy fall in love with you is much easier than you think.

In the beginning of a relationship, we all want to prove that we’re worthy of their love and affection, but there are often still insecurities we have to overcome. A relationship will take time to grow and it requires your dedication, not to mention a steady mix of patience and tolerance. After all, you’re trying to build a new life with this guy, which definitely isn’t easy.

How to Make a Guy Fall in Love with You

Even if it seems hopeless or frustrating in the beginning, there’s a way to get him to notice the depth of your love, and some methods you can try to get his adoration in return. A good, solid relationship requires the willingness and attention of both parties and there are steps you can take in your relationship to ensure it flows smoothly and keeps you from making the wrong move. Discover how to kiss a man for a good start!

Relationships take a lot of work and effort, but sometimes it isn’t exactly easy to figure out what you need to work on. If you want to be more successful in your relationship and get his love in return, there are some steps you can follow that will take your relationship to the next level.

Do you really get your guy?

falling in loveOften, men simply want a woman that gets them. He wants someone who appreciates his ability to solve problems, provide, protect, and generally, someone who appreciates him. He also wants to be admired for his sense of calm under pressure and his steadiness. He definitely doesn’t want to feel emasculated because he’s much more analytical and logical.

Basically, he wants someone who sees him as their hero, as someone who’s powerful and desirable.

Never, ever, belittle him in front of his family and friends. Never put him down, act condescending or make him feel less than. This definitely goes both ways, but if you end up emasculating him in front of an audience, he’ll either head for the door or look at you in a whole new, unflattering light.

Acceptance is another big issue that can prevent a relationship from progressing. If you want a future with your man, if you want his love, don’t treat him like he’s some type of fixer upper project.

If you have the urge to make changes to his circle of friends, his appearance, the way he lives, the way he talks or make changes regarding what he loves to do, you might as well throw in the towel now. You need to accept him the way he is. If he needs help in a certain area, such as the way he looks, let him ask you for it.

The right man for you deserves to feel like he’s perfect in your eyes. If you can’t give him that, then he’s not for you.

Men consider themselves protectors and providers. If he’s willing to risk his life to protect you and invest his time and money in order to provide for you, then what he really needs is a little gratitude in return.

He just wants you to appreciate that he works hard for his money, even though he may not be able to afford to buy you whatever you want. This isn’t much to ask. So, if you want him to see the very best in you and fall in love, the one thing you should never do is disrespect his efforts or take him for granted.

Nurturing your Man

how to make a man love youIf in a man’s mind his role is to provide and protect his woman, what do you think he wants and needs from you in return? Generally, a woman’s grace and beauty attract a guy as does her innate ability to care and nurture.

Before you hold up that sexist card, we’re really speaking about two people who come together in the pursuit of a loving relationship. Both parties should take care of each other in an equal give and take relationship. But the real beauty of a relationship is when both parties come together with more of a desire to give than to take. This is when the relationship ultimately moves on to the next level.

Does He make You Happy?

Despite your past experiences or what you may think, you might not ever know just how much he wants to please you. In fact, issues often arise when he feels like he can no longer please you. Men are incredibly simple creatures. They tend to demonstrate their value by fixing things and solving problems.

Nothing can make your guy feel worse than feeling as though they’re stuck in a problem they’re unable to solve. If you’re not happy on a regular basis, then at some level, he will feel as though he’s failing you and he may even end up distancing himself from you in order to avoid that feeling. By contrast, nothing will make him feel more successful than when he’s able to make you happy. Which is why men find women who are happy and positive to be incredibly appealing.

make him happyWe’re not saying never vent to him or tell him how you’re feeling. Relationships also work based on solid communication. But if you’ve had a bad day, week, month, or year, try to leave those feelings at work and allow yourself to find some peace and happiness when you’re with your guy.

If there is one big area women commonly mess up in time after time it’s when they try to define their relationship too soon. This is often because a woman wants to feel safe and secure, which is in direct contrast to his desire for freedom. Once you realize this simple fact, you’ll have a better understanding regarding why he feels reluctant to just give up all his free time to be with you. There needs to be an even mix of time spent together and time spent apart. You don’t have to be with him every minute of every day. And you definitely shouldn’t give him a hard time if he wants to hang with his friends. Make it a point to initiate the time apart and encourage him to make some plans of his own. Nothing is more attractive to a guy than a woman who not only trusts him but a woman that also has her own social life and doesn’t have to depend on him for her happiness and entertainment. This will make you downright irresistible.

Quick Dating Tips to Follow that will Keep his Attention and Grab at his Heart

dating tipsAs you probably know, men are visual creatures. When you’re out with your guy, dress your best. If you catch him giving you certain looks when he doesn’t think you’re watching, then you know you’ve got his undivided attention. Also, if he sees other men admiring you, it will only make him want you more.

If you’re on a date, smile often and be happy. If you’re pleasant and warm and make him feel like you’re the best escape, he’ll love you for it.

Usually, men are put off by arrogant or rude women. If you’re rude to a bartender or waiter, your guy can’t help but wonder if this is how you’ll end up treating him later down the line.

Challenge him intellectually and let him know you’ve got a brain. A man likes to be challenged. We’re not saying try to make him feel stupid, just don’t be a yes girl and agree with him on everything. Don’t shy away from getting into a debate with him, but you should also avoid forcing your opinion on him.

If you’re desperately wanting his love in return, don’t be so available all the time. He’ll end up pursuing you and missing you more if you don’t jump at every chance to be with him or return his texts within ten seconds flat. Once you’re certain he’s into you, try to skip a date every now and then. While it’s very important to spend time together, until he falls in love with you, it’s just as important to give him some space and make sure he understands just how special you are.

All men love the chase. They tend to take their sweet time falling in love, but once they do, they fall pretty hard. If you’re already in the love zone and you’re waiting for him to catch up, don’t let him know you love him, especially if you’ve only been dating for a short time. Make him think he has to work for your love and once you’re both there you’ll be ready to show him exactly how he makes you feel.

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